Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Update from Annette's Graden

More interesting happenings with our Yellow Wattlebird. As the appeltree is now bare, the apples we put out in the birdhouse are his target. Poor Green Rosellas, after all those freeloading years they are suddenly personae non gratae in their old happy feeding grounds! Good to see that although they fly away when chased by this newcomer, it's no permanent deterrent as they keep coming back! 

Interesting to see that when the Green Rosellas all suddenly scattered in panic - as they do for one reason or other, or no reason at all! - the Yellow Wattlebird was just as quick to join them and go for safe cover - and did not return until the Rosella were safely back.

Apart from the ones of the Yellow Wattlebird, also a photo of the Currawong, sitting on his favorite perch singing in the rain.

Happy birdwatching to all!

Annette and Nick Amse

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